We are looking for LABexperts

Planning laboratory buildings is a career with depth. For specialists. For niche enthusiasts and generalists. People who work with us will demonstrate: Attention to detail. A desire to specialise. A focus on depth. As well as an overview of the whole picture. Perfect requirements for established LABexperts and for aspiring ones, too. Welcome to EUROLABORS.


LABspertise and creative freedom

LABspertise? No, we’ve not misspelt it. Here at EUROLABORS, we regard this as the primary characteristic that sets us apart from the rest: Our expertise in laboratory planning. After all, we are not an architecture office in the ordinary sense. We have honed our skills very deliberately in research and laboratory buildings. While classical architecture is primarily defined by space and design, key functional and technical components are also factored into our working environment.

For us, LABspertise means creating facilities with maximum flexibility. Which meet all requirements and regulations. And in which ultimately the users also feel comfortable. Just like our employees. Who, with maximum creative freedom, expand their LABspertise a little further every day. We are looking for niche players who approach technology and research with curiosity. Farsighted people who are able to make far-reaching decisions even in the preliminary design phase. Idea-finders with a deep understanding of highly complex laboratory functions and research activities. In short: Laboratory planners. Architects. Engineers. Scientists. Technicians. Draftspeople. And career changers. LAB experts. And those who want to become one.

We are looking forward to your application!

You are also welcome to send us your unsolicited application.
Please note that our jobs require a very good level of German and English.
Please send applications by email to: Jan Hamer | jan.hamer@eurolabors.de