LABexperts. With attention to detail.

Anyone can design houses, but you have to want to design a lab. And we really want to design labs! We are no ordinary architects’ office; we know a thing or two about research and science. Why?

Because we want to create an environment conducive to scientific progress where knowledge can be nurtured. With advice, planning and construction management for research and laboratory buildings.It is almost twenty years since we spun off from HHS Planer + Architekten AG in Kassel. Nowadays, EUROLABORS has four company sites and a total workforce of 30 – a mix of architects, scientists, engineers and technicians.

Jan Hamer, Vorstand EUROLABORS

Jan Hamer

Director of EUROLABORS

When EUROLABORS founder Manfred Hegger approached me about joining them after I completed my Architecture degree, I said that I wouldn’t know where to start with laboratories. I am so pleased now that I took this niche opportunity back then. No two laboratories are the same. I love this variety and the breadth of experience that this job offers, as well as the complexity of the challenges at the crossover between technology and architecture. We get to meet different users with specific needs and try to devise functional solutions in consultation with them. At the same time, we never lose sight of architectural aesthetics, and seek to design attractive spaces.”

Markus Fenner

Director of EUROLABORS

“I happened upon laboratory planning by chance, and have been hooked ever since. The fascinating thing about our work is the combination of design and technology. At the same time, architecture gives us access to an unbelievably wide field of research. We often get to work in completely new fields. It is not simply a matter of reaching into your toolbox; you have to be creative and develop your own solutions – the possibilities are endless. Besides that, we are also given exciting insights into what is going on in research. During the construction of a new laboratory, you are directly involved in scientific progress, which is extremely enriching.”

Thorsten Rosenkranz

Office manager Kassel

“The exciting thing about our work is that we hold lots of threads in our hands at the same time and bring very different people together under one roof. As laboratory planners, we adopt a generalised and wide-ranging approach, but also have to be highly specialised and technical. At EUROLABORS, none of our solutions come off the peg; we repeatedly have to develop future-safe solutions for our customers. Things never get boring as no two laboratories are the same. Compared to other architecture practices, there are no strict structures at EUROLABORS; we work independently and in teams, depending on what is required. As the office manager in Kassel, I take on a wide range of projects – from the conversion of a single laboratory room through to extensive general planning.”

Geeske Mannhardt

Office manager Berlin

"When I worked in a laboratory as a biologist, I used to get annoyed that there had obviously not been any thought given on how to arrange processes and equipment more effectively. I can bring this expertise to bear here at EUROLABORS. I understand the needs of scientists and build them into plans for the laboratory as best I can. I am particularly keen on optimising the conditions for workplaces exposed to a high level of physical stress, for instance in terms of ergonomics or noise pollution. What generally fascinates me about our work is its variety. The fields are incredibly diverse and all-encompassing; you are constantly having to look at the wider picture and are not necessarily coming at it from the same angle as the researchers. Instead, you have to be a dependable partner for developers and users alike.”

LABculture. A passion for labs.

What connects us as a team? We have a shared passion for laboratories, design and technology. The creativity of our employees is challenged anew in every project. We regard teamwork and sharing ideas to be an intrinsic part of this, whether we are working in Kassel, Berlin or Basel. Our hallmarks are flat hierarchies and enthusiasm for our work.