How we think

Are you looking for a reliable partner that is enthusiastic about this work? If so, you have come to the right place.

We are passionate about Laboratory planning. We design research premises and create a home for expertise. Designs are not set in stone here. After all, laboratories are as wide-ranging as their users and locations. Whether you need a clean room, industrial equipment, platform technology, biobank or greenhouse, a biological, chemical or pharmacological laboratory, museum workshop, clinic or metal workshop – the team from EUROLABOR will implement your requirements to a high professional standard. In every building project, we are continually seeking to maximise functionality and versatility.

“Laboratory planning is an extremely individual process in which the functionality desired by the users repeatedly has to be reconciled with the essential versatility of the laboratory space.”

Competence and high standards

Integral planning means having a complete and long-term understanding of the wide-ranging ways in which science and research operators use the building. Our multi-disciplinary team of architects, scientists, engineers and technicians can offer you professional support, irrespective of the planning phase that you are currently in. It does not matter whether you already have specific expectations for your laboratory project or if it has to be developed completely from scratch. It is immaterial whether you are looking for a site planner or a general contractor. You define the terms of reference for our work. We will advise you individually and develop bespoke solutions.